Zoll AED Plus

Zoll AED Plus

Zoll AED Plus defibrillátor


Zoll AED Plus defibrillátor elemek
  • The cover of AED PLUS gives help in ensuring airways, as it can be used as a passive airway-providing instrument.

  • It supports the whole CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) process and also delivers a shock (it leads through all steps, while the other devices usually do not).

  • It has a self-testing function, which works even when the device is switched off!

  • The two electrodes are built together; the cross mark on the compression sensor helps the positioning (with other devices, the correct placement of the separate electrodes is not fully clear for lay life-savers).

  • A built-in chest compression sensor/feedback function is available (it is a great help, especially when the device is operated by a lay life-saver – with other devices, it is not typical).

  • The lower electrode can be separated and positioned according to body size; it can even be used on a person with a weight of over 140 kg (no need for a higher Joule!).

  • Running costs of the ZOLL AED Plus. ALREADY IN THE FIRST FOUR YEARS, THE PURCHASE PRICE + RUNNING COST related to batteries = THE LOWEST in the market.

  • The electrode has a guarantee of 5 years (while others usually have 2 or 3).

  • The lifetime of new batteries is 5 years (10 lithium batteries), or they can deliver 300 shocks, and even at the end of their lifetime, they are able to deliver a minimum of 150 shocks, which provides a safe background. In addition, in the AED PLUS device, the capacity of the 10 batteries is distributed between two circuits, which, even independently from each other, are able to supply the device with energy at a hundred per cent. It means double safety. (With other battery-powered devices, there is a high cost of battery replacement every 3 or 4 years.)

  • For the devices we distribute, the purchase of lithium batteries is much easier than battery purchase for other devices, as lithium batteries are available in the retail trade. For the devices we have deployed so far, the average battery life in standby mode is 4.5 years.

  • THE SOFTWARE OF THE ZOLL AED PLUS DEVICE CAN BE UPDATED, and this software update is provided FREE at the same time as the annual maintenance (while with other devices the software cannot be updated in every case. What does it mean? In case of a change in the resuscitation protocol, if the device’s software cannot be updated, the only solution is the replacement of the device, and this is a very high cost!)

  • Our device has a TRAINING FUNCTION (instead of the original electrode, we connect a simulator set during training, which makes it easier to train new persons. The training electrode looks the same as the electrode that comes with the device. The entire process can be exercised individually in a realistic way.

  • It contains a built-in infra port (connected to a PC, the time and duration of resuscitation, number of shocks, etc. can be checked, and it can be used also with a training program for educational purposes). Resuscitation data can be saved: ECG, etc.

  • A pediatric electrode – called “Pedi padz” – can also be connected (to be purchased separately), which may be used for the resuscitation of children under 25 kg weight (for other devices, pediatric electrodes are not always available).

  • We provide you with a FREE portable carrier bag.